Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"A J Bombers"

Don and I tried out a new eatery last week, A J Bombers. The flagship restaurant is in Milwaukee, but they've recently opened one up in Madison, too. Considered a "Burger Joint", it was definitely good. We both enjoyed our burgers. And yes, they have a spectacular Bloody Mary, too, served with something unusual......1/2 of a small burger as part of the garnish! We're told that the appetizer, next to my BM, is their specialty......deep fried dill pickles. It didn't sound good to me, but I have to admit, they were pretty tasty.

Another "gimmick", if you will, is they serve peanuts in the shell, and yes, peanut shells are to be tossed to the floor. What is unusual about their peanuts, is how they are served, or brought to the booth. Most of the booths are under a ceiling track, which holds a "bomb" located behind the bar. The bartender fills the "bomb" with peanuts and shoves the bomb along the track. When it "hits" the booth, it drops peanuts down through a tube, which land in a stainless steel bowl......peanuts served! :) Cute gimmick and somewhat noisy, but definitely memorable.

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dc said...

I had me some of those fried dill pickles at the little Christmas get together we had for the Fiber Guild. I thought they were pretty tasty. Hope you guys have a great Holiday, looks like you are well on your way!
Merry Christmas :)