Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Christmas 2011 Continued......"

One of my Christmas presents was this 20 Color Gamp Kit from Lunatic Fringe Yarns. ( I've used their 10/2 mercerized cotton for some of the kitchen towels I've woven and like their yarn very much. On their website, they have several photos of what can be woven using this gamp kit. If you check them out, the one I plan on weaving 1st is the plain weave. The kit will have to wait though, as I am warping my floor loom now so that I can begin using the Pendleton selvages that I bought a few weeks back. Photos of those to come.....

The Duluth Trading Co. ( came through for me as well. This 3 legged stool, The Walk Stool, with its telescoping legs and compact size when folded, will be attached to my bike for those times when we go riding and make stops. Don usually rides his tadpole trike recumbent, so he has a built in seat, and now I, too, will have a "special" seat for those "off the bike" times. ;)

My much wished for reed stand was also under the tree! It is in the fiber room and already doing it's duty. ;)

Yep, another great Duluth Trading Co. new "lined" cardigan sweater. I do not like to wear heavy coats during the winter, so usually "layer" a couple of shirts and wear a fleece coat over everything else, and since I rarely am out and about for long periods of time, that works fine. This lined cardigan sweater works fine all by itself. :) Added around my neck is a 60" cowl that I knitted "for myself", something quite rare in itself. ;) The pattern is a free one from Knit Pics, called the Nottingham Cowl (, in case anyone is interested. I've worn it several times already and like it very loose scarf ends to catch the wind, so it stays in place and I stay warm. ;)

We went back to Duluth Trading Co. on Tuesday and I bought myself a couple of new caps to wear with this sweater. Don said last night when we went out to dinner at Brocach Irish Pub, that I looked positively Irish, wearing sweater, cowl, and new cap. ;)

And last, although certainly not least, is my new robe from....yep, you guessed it....Duluth Trading Co.! It is fleece lined and wonderfully warm. Yep, I'm a very happy man. ;)


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

I really really like the color of that sweater... and with the cowl matching the buttons, it make a very good stylish look!

You got a good *haul* in the way of Xmas gifts, and looks to be a very happy holiday in your home.

Yes, my home got less *orangey* and more *flowery* today... hmmmm?


Karen and Steve
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dc said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! So glad to see all your goodies!