Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"A Christmas Party....."

Don and I were invited to a little Christmas potluck at friends, Rory and Linda's, last Saturday night. Linda had written a "Recall song" for Rory while out west visiting her family, and Saturday night was its debut. For those of you who do not follow politics, Wisconsin is in the midst of getting signatures to recall our governor.

More entertainment followed. This is "Doug the Jug". With my being somewhat new to Madison, I'd not heard of him, but Don has seen him perform numerous times.

More singing followed. Many well known Christmas tunes have been re-written with words of solidarity for singing down in the Capitol rotunda, and Rory and Linda have participated in several of the sing-a-longs. They had some of the song booklets which were used for a more intimate sing-a-long that night. Yours truly is not a singer but did enjoy watching and listening. Rory's longtime friend, Shirley, accompanied the group on the piano.

Only a few of us did not sing......yes, I know, every party needs a pooper, so that why we were invited. ;)

Following the sing-a-long, Rory accompanied Neil on her guitar while he piped Christmas tunes. I'd never heard Christmas songs played on bagpipes before, so that was a nice surprise. :)

We enjoyed ourselves very much. The group was nice, friendly, fun, and interesting. Rory sent Don this link to a You Tube video of Monday's Sing-a-long at the Capitol in which she and Linda showed up near the end (beginning around 1:47).

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Ohhh Yes I have read some of the lyrics posted about the singalongs. Tooo funny and very very clever!

I bought lunch for two Recall Walker volunteers by East Towne Mall yesterday in Green Bay. And a cup of chili for one that was working by the post office in Oconto Falls.

Looks like you had a wonderful party!

Karen and Steve
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