Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Opening Presents......."

Don received these mini bottles of taste sensations in his stocking. He also received a few of their larger cousins from various places around the world, too.

Our "window shopping" at Duluth Trading Co. in Mt. Horeb, produced a plethora of possibilities. This was one.......

And this was another.....

And this bag is one of the main reasons we'd gone to Duluth Trading Co. Don was interested in a larger bag than what he'd been using when we were "out and about", and didn't want to resort to carrying his big backpack. His criteria was it needed to be something mid-sized, serve multi-functions, and include numerous pockets. After seeing this one, he decided it would also hold his iPad, as it has a padded interior pocket large enough for that, too. Perfect fit!

Another wish he expressed was for a Dashiki. His mother had sewn one for him years ago which he really liked, but it had long ago disappeared. It was time for a new one.....

And finally, a sweater (no, I did not knit it) that was also a "look alike" from his past. Our computer displays continuous photos from both of our past and present (I guess if a photo is taken, it already shows the past, eh?). I'd seen a photo of Don in a sweater VERY similar to this and felt it was time for him to have another. Thank you Cabela's for your online ordering service. ;)

Some of my Christmas presents tomorrow.....and YES, there are fiber related things!!!!

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh that pack looks like a really handy thing! Just the right size too. (love your packaging!) You picked out some very thoughtful gifts!

(should give some lessons to Steve for me? read my blog about his gift to me????)

Karen and Steve
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