Friday, December 30, 2011

"Christmas Dinner......"

Don and I had invited a few friends over for Christmas dinner. The table set and ready for our guests. The center piece had been delivered on Friday, sent by Jim and George, who were coming all the way from Sumner, Iowa.

A close up of the beautiful center piece.

Sheila and Penny brought "Crackers" which, when "cracked or popped open", contained our crowns, jokes, and a small "surprise". Seated from left to right are: George, Sheila, me, Penny, Jamie, and Jim. Poor Don, being the photographer, isn't in too many photos. :(

After dinner we adjourned to the sun room where we opened a few gifts. Here is Penny modeling her new cowl that I knitted for her.

And once again modeling for Don wearing her new mohair/silk scarf that I wove for her. :)

Sheila got a pair of hand dyed, hand cranked (on my CSM) socks.

And Sheila also received a mohair/silk handwoven scarf. In reality, they both received all the gifts as they "share" accessories all the time, having the same foot size, and a scarf is a scarf, right? ;) Penny received the cowl because she leans to being on the cold side during cooler weather......Sheila, not so much. :)

Penny also tried on a stocking cap that I had knitted with her in mind, so that went home with her, too. ;)

After gifts, we went back to the dining table for dessert. Penny and Sheila had brought a "Yule Log". The cake decorator was certainly creative, don't you agree? To think each little figure was made from frosting and the mushrooms of meringue. Needless to say (although I will) it was enjoyed by all. :)

Our one lone photo of Don, taken almost at the end of the evening. His expression says it for all of us......we all had a wonderful time! An excellent ending to Christmas 2011!


dc said...

What a gathering and all of you look like you really enjoyed yourselves! The gifts and dessert looked absolutely yummy!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

What a wonderful Yule Log!!! Amazing!!!! I shoulda sent you a couple mice to hang around the edges hahahahaha. Your handmade gifts were spot on lovely and welcomed by the looks of the smiles in the pics. Yes, Don's expression at the end says it all!

(and I didn't see a single orange sweatshirt in the bunch)

Karen and Steve
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