Monday, December 12, 2011

"No Photos....."

No photos usually means no post. Since I hadn't posted anything since last Wednesday, I thought I should at least explain why. I've been taking photos, but of things I can not write about. You know why......"tis the season" and all that.

We had a very nice weekend, starting with my picking Don up from work on Friday and our going out to eat. Its always a good day when I don't have to cook. ;)

Saturday was work around here until late afternoon when we drove to Fort Atkinson, with neighbors Mary, Made', and their son Sanjaya. We ate at a Sushi restaurant there (another glorious day of not cooking!) and then went to Cafe' Carpe to listen to 3 musicians sing/play. It was a very nice time.

Yesterday was another day spent working around here, although, it included some time outside, with Don on the roof cleaning out the gutters, then putting deck chairs in storage, and my trimming some low hanging (read annoying!) tree branches and cleaning up the last of the leaves. We were very lucky to be able to still do that at this time of year. Although somewhat cold outside, it was bright and sunny.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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Nan said...

Now, that's what I call a very busy weekend.