Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Stored for the Winter"

After having the kayak and canoe take up the garage floor all summer, we finally made some decisions as to where/how we'd store them for the winter.

Don's is short enough (12') to wrangle into the main part of the basement. Our garage is under the house, so we lose close to half of our basement storage space to the garage, but Don is a great organizer and moved things around on Sunday to accommodate it.

I worked yesterday on getting the canoe hung and getting the car back into the garage. SUCCESS! ;) If I'd known all those spiders were up on the ceiling (I only noticed them when I checked the photos!), I'd have made "other arrangements" for them first......looks like I'll be down there again today. UGH! I HATE spiders!!!!

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Nan said...

If your gas furnace is not in that area and if you are willing to leave the house for four hours, get a flea bomb and set it off! Voila! no spiders...even in cracks and crevices.