Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Potato Chip Scarves......"

I'd heard about this pattern when I attended a men's knitting group a few weeks ago. After finding it free online via Ravelry, I printed it out and knitted this scarf. It is "supposed" to be around 58" in length.....mine finished at 28" long. The pattern directions suggested "if not using the yarn in the pattern, use a needle 2 sizes larger", which I did. While knitting it, it seemed the tension was pretty tight, but not having any experience with this pattern, I continued until I'd finished it. The scarf did turn out looking like the patterns photo, so that was fine, but the finished length of the scarf and the tightness of the stitches seemed "off"........definitely the length, and only my opinion in stitch tension.

So I started knitting scarf #2, making my own adjustments to the pattern in hopes the finished piece would be longer and the stitches more open. As you can see in the photo (scarf on the right), scarf #2 did turn out longer......52" long in fact, and although it is hard to see in this photo, the stitches are more open. They should be, as I used a needle 4 sizes larger than the one suggested on the yarns label. :) I also added 30 more cast on stitches before beginning the pattern. The pattern is pretty easy.....knit 1 row and the next you knit in the front and back of each stitch, which doubles the number of what the previous row had. There are only a total of 7 rows, plus the cast on and cast off rows to this scarf, so as I said....a very easy knit. The results of my last increase row brought the total number of stitches to 960! ;) That is a lot of stitches!!!!

The pattern is a free pattern written by the design team at Knit Picks. I found it on Ravelry which had a link to get to it. I tried searching for it this morning by going directly to the Knit Picks site but couldn't find it, so I suggest you use the link below if you're interested in having it. ;)


Molly Bee said...

Awesome. So cute!

dc said...

I went to that site and copied the directions then saw that you needed circular needles. Poo, I have never used circular ones. Is that what you used? Prob so. Those scarves look so cute.