Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Follow Up on Yesterday's Post........"

Thanks to Heather, Don's sister, asking if the bag would have a clasp to help secure the flap closed, it now does. I sewed strips of velcro to the backside of the flap and to the top of the bag's body, so now it truly can be closed and secured. The button was added only for looks.


Bobbin Doctor said...

Hi Mike,
I've been enjoying reading about your fiber and life adventures for a few months now and just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your helpful tips and experiences.

I'm on a similar journey with fiber arts, but about 2 steps behind you. This last month I finally came to an understanding with my CSM and made my first decent looking sock!! ;-)

Next up is to learn double-weave..... NICE Bag!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Steve P

dc said...

Bag! I tried to weave a bag by just making a 12 in. runner. then later folded it and stitched up the sides. Was bulky and I was not very happy with it. 14 year old grand daughter thought it was neat. so she got it! Kids.