Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Sock Yarn Scraps/ Scarf......."

Using a few shades of blue (10 to be exact- 9 dyed by me and 1 commercial sock yarn) of my leftover sock yarn from cranking pairs of socks, I wove another scarf on the Ashford Table Loom.

This is the warp which has a color change every 6 warp threads. There were 84 warp threads, so I had 14 color changes across the scarf. I attached the paper behind it to help highlight the colors for this photo, which helps a bit......

This was taken after weaving approximately 1" of each sock yarn scrap. The camera flash has brightened the colors a bit......they are somewhat subdued in natural light.

This photo is rather dark, but probably gives a truer idea of what the colors actually look like.

I'm pleased with the striped effect and also quite happy that the scrap sock yarns worked........I have MANY, MANY, MANY more leftovers. It's hard to imagine all the color combinations/possibilities!

I took a tip from a fellow weaver, Karen, who suggested that I spritz the sock yarn scarves with diluted fabric softener and water, then iron them. As expected in following her advice, they are much softer. :) Thank you Karen, for yet another great tip!


Nan said...

Looove that scarf! So masculine. Looking forward to seeing more of your "scraps".

dc said...

Awesome, I love the blue. Finally am weaviing. Will write about it today! Yea for me.

Jamie O said...

Mike all of your stuff is so great! First time I've stumbled across your blog, found the card you and Don gave us when we first moved in. Do you take orders for your kitchen rugs? Or do you have extras? Would love to buy one from you!