Friday, November 11, 2011

"Ready for Class....."

My table loom is warped, folded, alongside it's stand, and ready to go to class this weekend. I'm taking a refresher on "Double Weave" from Juanita Hofstrom, of Vavning Studio, in Shopiere, Wisconsin, which is about an hour south of Madison. I'll be driving down and back each day (Saturday and Sunday), which I have done 2 other times when taking a class at her studio. Those times I took part in a class that was taught by Jason Collingwood, who is internationally known, along with his father, Peter Collingwood, for their rug weaving.

Double weave is something that I learned in college, but I haven't done anything with it since then. That was just a wee bit of time ago, so I definitely need some "freshening up". From that time far away, I have a pillow that was woven using double weave, "in the round", which Don uses to this day. Pretty good life span for a college weaving project, eh? :)

I will, of course, write a post about it next week. ;) Have a great weekend!!!

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Wheeeheeeheee wish I could be there too! Could you deliver a special ((HUG)) please to that sweet lady Juanita????

Karen and Steve
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