Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Black Worsted Scarf"

This was another yarn experiment. :)

I used a worsted weight nylon/acrylic yarn this time. This is Berroco's "Comfort". It is extremely soft and looks to be "cabled", not plied.

Threaded at 10 ends per inch, it was quick work to get the loom dressed and ready for weaving.

Using plain weave, it wove a very nice fabric, but where one weft thread ended and another began is too noticeable in my opinion. I suppose that could also be due to it being a solid color (shade), too. Keep in mind, I'm still "experimenting". ;)

I like the looks of the scarf, but I think worsted is possibly too heavy of a yarn for plain weave? I would appreciate any opinions or suggestions. I've not wet finished it yet, and that may help a bit, but since it is nylon/acrylic, I'm not sure how much.

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