Thursday, November 3, 2011

"2nd Woven Sock Yarn Scarf......"

As I mentioned yesterday, I measured out this warp, dressed the table loom, and wove this scarf all in one day.......although, twisting the fringe took place following morning. :)

Here is the warp ready to be threaded. I had hand dyed this skein a while back and just hadn't used it. I guess it was fate that I'd held onto it and not cranked a pair of socks using it, eh?

My first look at how it was going to weave up......

A GIANT time lapse from the beginning to the finished (although untwisted fringes yet) scarf. I'm pleased with the "feel" of the scarf after using the Merino, alpaca, nylon blend yarn. Unfortunately, this blend of yarn is no longer available, but I did place an order yesterday for some other yarns to try that had a higher percentage of Merino, with nylon added for strength. Merino is one of the softest wools on the market, so I'm pretty sure it will work well.

I warped the loom once again with another skein of the same Merino, alpaca, nylon blend yarn and will begin weaving today. It too, is hand dyed and I "think" will look somewhat "Heathery" when woven. I guess I'll know soon, eh? ;)

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Barb said...

Well please be sure to share a picture of the third scarf. This is fun! (I really like being a vicarious weaver...)