Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Remember That 3rd Towel?"

I finished that 3rd towel, and have a photo of it......but first, I wanted to show the area where I had 2 broken and repaired warp threads. The 2nd repaired warp thread is about to be woven over and the 1st one already has been but does not show up. A good thing, yes? ;)

And here is my 3rd towel! I obviously did not measure while weaving this time because I only had enough "for 1 more towel".......this old dog needs to remember to always keep track of his weaving and have the measuring tape attached regardless. What's more, is that there is still MORE warp on the loom! How much, I'm not sure, but possibly enough for a hand towel or 2. As you can see in the photo, the 2 repaired warp threads do show up slightly after the tension is off of the towel, but after wet finishing, they again disappeared.

This truly worked out for the best though (am I lucky or what?), as I had plenty of length to cut it in half, hemming each end, and now have 2 bed covers for Copper's beds.

Here Copper is sitting on her 2 new bed covers.

I'm now able to use the looper rug that we were using for her one bed, to set my spinning wheel upon while spinning.

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