Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Finally....Success With a Diz......."

For those of you who do not know what a Diz is, it is something with a hole that allows you to pull carded roving from a drum carder. There are "specialty" diz (and quite costly), but what I used Saturday, was a plastic club card with a hole punched through it. Originally, I had used a plastic milk jug cap, but that wasn't as successful for me, plus it cracked, thus the use of the plastic club card.

I had plans to attend "The Pleasant Spinners" potluck gathering on Sunday and wanted to take with me some of the Border Leicester Cross fleece that I had been working with lately. I had used all of the carded fleece that I had when weaving the mat, so needed to pick and card some more of it.

For some reason, I had this thought that I might have better success with pulling the roving through the diz IF the fleece were carded a few more times. Whatever the reason, it worked MUCH better the 1st time I tried it on Sunday morning. I had run the fleece through the carder 4 times rather than the normal (for me) 2. After being more successful pulling the roving through the diz, PLUS after spinning it and finding it spin "like butta", I have now learned more about using my drum carder. What I thought was a nice job carding before, was only "adequate" this case, more WAS better. ;)

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MollyBeees said...

Is this how pencil roving is made? I've always wondered.
BTW: The Ninja Death Scarf remains unwashed and unblocked. A friend suggested machine washing it with copious amounts of hair conditioner. Might try it this weekend! Will keep you posted.