Monday, January 18, 2010

"Practice and Success on My NZAK....."

I had some success on my NZAK last week. I was able to knit a "Set Up Bonnet". This was made on my 72 needle cylinder and can be used over and over to set up knitting for a new piece.

I begin by hooking the loops of the set up bonnet onto every other needle in the cylinder.

I've hooked the bonnet onto every needle that was in the "up" position, now I have to move the crank around a little to bring up the needles which are in the "down" position. At this point, the machine will begin knitting the needles that have the set up bonnet already hooked onto them, so the machine needs to be threaded with waste yarn, which in the case is turquoise in color. It is my waste yarn, but also the yarn that I am using to practice with. This knitting session will be for learning how to knit "heels".

Moving the crank AND holding the knitted set up bonnet down with my other hand.....carefully to sure.......Patience IS a virtue when working on a CSM. ;)

The fully attached set up bonnet and several stitches knit when moving the crank.

The waste yarn knit onto the set up bonnet. After a few more rows of knitting while using my hand to pull down the bottom of the set up bonnet, the knitted piece will be ready for me to attach the "buckle" and its weights, and it will be ready for more "Heel Practice".

A view of the machine showing the threading of the yarn down to the cylinder.

More photos of the CSM tomorrow.

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MollyBeees said...

Wheee! Looks like FUN!