Monday, February 9, 2009

"Warmer Temperatures....."

Saturday dawned with a much warmer morning temperature. So much so, that we decided to sit out on the deck. Don did light the propane heater, "just in case", but I think we could have sat outside without it, although, it was nice to have that extra comfort. ;)

Andy came over to chat and took this photo of us. Of course, both of us were pre-shower/shave but we were enjoying the morning so much it didn't matter. :)

We weren't the only ones enjoying outdoor freedom. Heather and Buffy were allowed out of their coop, too. Unfortunately, they wear their freedom thin quickly........for some reason, they love to come to the back door and "knock", looking inside and waiting for someone to come out to shoo them away. Hopefully that takes place prior to their making a "deposit" on the patio.

What playful girls, eh? Who would have thought they knew how to play "peek-a-boo"?

I guess we were a week later in enjoying the outdoors compared to our friends in North Dakota. :) Admittedly, they had to "bundle up" a bit more, but that didn't deter them! ;) They were even more adventurous since they enjoyed an outdoor picnic!

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Maniphone said...

Hilarious! What a nice surprise when I scrolled down the page! It's raining at the moment...and through the night. Slip and slide!