Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Microsoft Maps...."

Don showed me this program and we searched it for our house and my parents/sisters homes. This is the view of my parents house, as well as my sisters, who lives next door. We just sold our parents house in January, but it will always be our parents, I guess, eh? :) My sisters is the 2nd from the right, with my parents, 3rd from the right.

A closer view which shows a white car in their driveway. Guess who's? Yep, I must have been in MI when the photos were taken.

A side view which shows that it truly is my car. :)

You can even see my sisters horse, "True", out in the field near the small barn.

As you can see, they are surrounded by orchards. The field where my parents and sister built, was a strawberry field prior to their building. My parents was the 1st house built. They planted all of those huge trees. Hard to imagine that it was an open field back then........

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MollyBeees said...

Thanks for this! I spent about an hour looking up everyone's address I could think of! If I get fired it's on your head! :-)