Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Amaryllis 'Ambiance'......"

We received a potted Amaryllis bulb from Don's sister, Bonnie, and her husband, Eugene, for Christmas. We watered it and waited.....and waited....and waited......until it finally sprouted about 10 days later. I'd hoped to have photos of it as it grew, but my best intentions went awry. A little surgery got in the way.... ;)

I finally got it together enough to start taking photos again as the buds began to open. There are 3 flower stalks whose buds are opening as I write, with another one about halfway as tall, "a late sprouter", which is nice, as we'll have a longer period of bloom.

The 2 flower stalks closest to the camera each have 4 flower buds apiece. The one in back has 5!

Anticipation builds.......

It is going to be rather crowded up there, eh? ;)

The flowers are huge and beautiful!

This last photo was taken yesterday. Unfortunately, the sun was not cooperating yesterday and the day was rather gloomy. I still am amazed that there are 13 blossoms!

More photos will be taken as the flower buds continue to open and will be posted at a later date. :)

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MollyBeees said...

Oh my goodness what a beauty! Here's how black MY thumb is. I got one one year from my monster-in-law. I planted it and nothing happened. She rooted around in it about Easter time and discovered that I'd planted the bulb upside down. I don't get plants as gifts any more so I appreciate the pics!