Friday, February 20, 2009

"More Family Homes....."

These two houses meant a lot to me as a child. The one straight ahead was my great grandparents, with my grandparents house to the right. Yep, my grandmother got married and moved right next door to her parents.....after a "very" short stint of country living, that is. Grandpa was a farm boy, but he must've loved my grandma very much because he gave up farm life to move into the city. I remember their of driving out to his relatives nearly every Sunday to visit, so in a way, I guess he had the best of both worlds. :)

My great grandparents house hasn't changed much, but my grandparents home has changed quite a bit. The entrance has been moved from what used to be a glass porch towards the middle of what was the living room, and a front deck has been as well.

Don commented that my great grandparents world was "compact". They lived around the corner from their church, and great grandpa's little grocery store was in the next block from their house. In a newspaper article honoring great grandpa, it stated that he never took a vacation, with the exception of 6 months off due to some surgery (some vacation, eh?), in over 50 years.

My memories of my great grandparents is limited. They passed away about a week apart when I was five. The numerous stories that my mom and grandparents told, I'm sure have given me many of those memories. In that sense, they are always with me.........

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What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing these bits of your family history. I'm really enjoying it.