Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"The Loft and More....."

The loft is well lit with windows on 2 sides..........

Plus the "tumbling glass blocks", and 2 skylights.

Originally, I "assumed" that all of my fiber equipment would be in the basement family room, but after standing in the space, Don suggested I set up my floor loom in the loft.  I have everything spread out for assembling the loom so it really will be a much smaller footprint compared to what it looks like in this photo.  Weaving in this space and light is going to be VERY nice!   :)

Off the loft is the 3rd bedroom and 2nd bath.

The bathroom is another full bath, but this one has a large window in it, overlooking the deck and garden beds......and a lot of wooded area, too.   ;)

The bedroom ceiling also follows the roof line (there is no attic) which gives the good sized bedroom an even more spacious feel to it.

This photo gives a better view of the built in shelving that the owner/builder installed in one section of the closet.  The shelving isn't as deep as the closet, so some storage area is available behind them, too.

We plan on having Don's piano up in this bedroom, too.  The movers are going to love that, eh?   ;)


dc said...

Yup the movers will love you guys! Excited that you are using the loft for your studio. That would sure be my choice.

Janice Zindel said...

Catching up on the Adventures of Mike & Don in MI. WOW! Love all the photos you've been sharing, look forward to more, and your new life in MI, and weaving adventures, too. You will love weaving where you have a nice view and good light. Know you are busy, but take lots of pics and keep us posted!

Molly Bee said...

Absolutely gorgeous!