Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"New House Basement....."

I wasn't going to write a post about the basement, but then I changed my mind.  Can you tell I'm excited about the new house?  ;)

The basement bedroom of the new house has a really nice legal egress window, surrounded by glass blocks which gives the room much more light.  We will, of course, need to think about what type of window covering to have so we can darken the room, too.  I certainly wouldn't expect any overnight visitors get up at the crack of dawn like we will since we have a skylight in the master bedroom.  ;)

I wish I had closed the closet door prior to taking the photos of the bedroom, but unfortunately, I didn't. ;)

The entry into the bedroom is to the left at the bottom of the stairs, and to the right is the family room.

This isn't the best photo of the family room, but you can see that it is a pretty good sized room.

The family room leads into the laundry and storage area of the basement.

The laundry room is a very nice size and since it is, I hope to be able to have a table for folding laundry direct from the dryer.  ;)  It might also be a good area for shelving so I can stock up on household "staples".  :)  It is a good thing I will arriving at the house prior to our household goods from Madison, too.......gives me time to do some much needed "pick up and cleaning".

During our week stay, I was able to go to the rented storage unit and bring back quite a few things that I'd taken over in February, so this area already is being used by us for storage.  :)

Here is another photo of the same area of the basement......see what I mean about a good sized storage area?

Tomorrow, the loft........


Sara said...

Thank goodness you brought your beer kit over to the new pad right away! :)Sara

Sara said...
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