Friday, May 31, 2013

"Early Evening Break....."

As I wrote yesterday, the movers scheduled their delivery and were to arrive between noon and 2PM.  They arrived at 2, but they had to park on M137, which is the main highway going through Interlochen.  They needed side access to the moving semi and that was the only place that had enough room to do so.  Our road is off of what is called State Park Highway, but it is no wider than what Gregory St. is in Madison and is purely residential, too.  So, because of the size of their truck, they had to rent a smaller truck and transfer our things from their semi to the smaller truck.  It took 3 loads to bring everything back to our house.  More on that another time......

I've been unpacking, organizing, and assembling various things all day and so it was time for a break, so I thought I'd write a bit on my blog and post it.

A few days ago, I bought a "tumbling" compost bin.  It came in pieces, and after some trial and error, and going back to "redo" a couple of things, I was able to get the bin put together in perhaps an hour or so.  I'd read many reviews of the bin and the complaint most commonly mentioned were the poor directions.  I'd have to agree....they were basically pure drawings, and not much text.  I'm normally a pretty good visual concept person, but the directions didn't show enough specific details, thus a bit of backtracking on my part.  All's well that ends well, and I am very pleased with the assembled compost bin.

Here is the compost bin in its box......

Here are all the parts laid out.......

The assembled compost bin placed at the back of the garden.

Here is a photo that shows how little of it can be seen from the house.  It will show even less once the Lilac and Rose of Sharon leaf out.

I'll try and remember to write an update when I "harvest" compost from it.  I'd forgotten to mention, it has 2 chambers, so when one is full and processing, the other can start to be filled, alternating finished batches of compost.

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