Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Our Interlochen, MI, House....."

Here is the 1st view one sees of the house as they come around the curve in the driveway.......(remember you can click on any photo and see a larger version)

A view of the front of the house showing the stone lined paths and garden beds.  It will be very interesting to see what perennials have emerged when I move in later this month.

Another view of the house with Don on the front porch, from next to the garage........

The garage.  It has a single bay for a vehicle, a separate "office", and the entire back length is a workshop, plus a loft above the vehicle area and office to be used for storage.  A metal roofed "lean to" was added on to the rear of the garage and we will be putting that to use quite soon for stacking/storing fire wood.

I took this photo near the end of last week when the weather was warmer and most of the snow had melted allowing us to see more garden beds that we'd not known about.  The building behind Don, as I mentioned earlier, was not in the listing and was a  nice little surprise for us.  :)  The owners used it as a "warm weather" yoga studio (read this as it having no electricity or heat).

This gives a better view of the custom work on the side of the house.  This was the builders model home when he began his construction business.

Here is a view of our "backyard" from the corner of the house next to the side door. As the week progressed, more snow melted which revealed a stone lined fire pit on the other side of the long wood sided raised bed.  There is also a taller metal ringed fire pit in another part of the yard, similar to those seen in campgrounds, too.
The raised bed showed signs of tomatoes and other vegetables, so yes, I will be able to begin a small vegetable garden this Spring.  :)
The hot tub was a surprise to us, since it, too, was not mentioned in the listing.  It looks to be in good shape, but it remains to be seen if it works.  If not, perhaps it could be converted into a really deep raised bed?   ;)

A view from the other end of the decks.  By the way, that single window on the 1st floor is above the kitchen sink and one of 2, yes, 2, windows in the kitchen!  :)

A view of the opposite side of the house from the driveway/parking area.....

A VERY happy man!   :)

Oh yeah......"this one" is pretty happy, too!   LOL

More tomorrow.....

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John Toft Basketry said...

The house and lot look great. Its location is in an area we explored from our old home in Red Lake, Ontario, well to the North of you. Enjoy the gardens and wood heat.