Monday, May 6, 2013

"Inside the New House....."

I took this photo from inside the front door, which has the covered porch outside of it.  To the left on this photo, you can see a glimpse of the master bedroom.

It is a good sized bedroom, certainly larger than either one here in Madison, and also has a skylight (who needs to sleep in after the sun rises, eh?), plus a unique decoration on a couple of its walls, which is shown in this photo.

The ceiling follows the roof line and really gives the room a spacious feel.  The walk in closet is a real bonus, too!  ;)

The main floor bathroom isn't accessible directly through a door from the master bedroom, but it is down a short hallway that connects to the great room and the rest of the main floor.

Back in the great room, we have a wood burning stove, which sits in the corner to the left of the front door.

This next view of the house, I can't get enough of........The great room!

Here is a better view of the stairway bannister using a photo from the listing.  The hand rail and lower railing are actually one piece, naturally formed by a tree trunk.

To the rear of the great room and off the kitchen and dining area, is the stairwell to the basement.  The basement has a nice sized bedroom (which is legal with its large egress window), a large family room (which will house most of my fiber equipment and supplies), plus a utility room which houses the laundry and has a large storage area, too.

The galley kitchen is close to the size of the kitchen here in Madison, but with a bit more countertop space.......PLUS, it has 2 windows!  :)  And, as you can see here, it also has a small custom built eating area, too.

We are making a couple of changes to the kitchen.  We're replacing the electric stove with a gas one, and replacing the exhaust hood with one that will vent outside.

The inside tour to be continued......


dc said...

Awesome! What a find!

Molly Bee said...

IT is so unique and beautiful! I am SO HAPPY for you guys!