Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Training Ride...."

On Sunday, Don went for another training ride. This one was to Cambridge, WI. He uses the Bombay Bicycle Club maps for planning his rides. The map shows this ride as 47 miles but because the starting point on their map begins a number of miles from our house, his ride is more like 60+ miles. I did some training that day as well. I followed his route and stopped/parked at the base of this long hill, bringing with me cold water so that he could take a short break before continuing on to Cambridge. I met him again in Cambridge, at the park, with lunch (sandwiches, cheese, and chips), comfortable folding chairs, and more cold water. :) It was a very nice rest stop. :) I then met him once again on his return route, at the Cottage Grove, WI, Glacial Drumlin Trail head parking lot. We had a nice afternoon......he rode, having beautiful weather for his training ride, while I enjoyed the scenery, knitting, waiting for him to "catch up". :) After all, I am in training for the Toronto trip, too. I'll really have to plan my projects well for the time along the Toronto route.

I purposely parked the car at this spot (it has good shade) so that I could see him coming easily...and for him to easily see me as well. I used the same spot during this ride last year, too. Unfortunately, the downside to this spot, is that it is almost directly under an overpass of I-90, so can be a bit noisy.

I noticed when we were sitting having lunch, that his recumbent matches the car, both being white and black. It will look very nice up on it's new rack for those one way training rides and the trip home from Toronto.

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