Saturday, June 23, 2007

Continuing "While I was away....."

Don had been thinking of getting a touring recumbent bike this summer for his ride to Toronto. He began this train of thought after riding on his trike and being so comfortable in the upright sitting position. He has been training on his regular 2 wheeled touring bike, but after talking to a few other recumbent riders and knowing how comfortable he has been on his trike, he started doing online research, looking at models that had the same qualities in seats as his trike. He found what he was looking for and they just happened to have it at one of the local bike shops, Budget Bike. He took a test ride on the "Tour Easy" recumbent bike, loved it, but decided to think more about it. As it happened, he went back "while I was away", went for another test ride, then went ahead and bought it. He told me the news when he talked to me on the phone that night by saying, "we need more room in the garage". :) I understood immediately what he was telling me. :) He has been able to ride it some but not on any long training rides as yet, although he has mentioned that he has found a few formally unused muscles while riding this new bike. It is a good thing he got it now so that he will have more time to ride and get every part of his body in shape for the upcoming ride to Toronto.While I was in Michigan, I had a lot of time to kill and luckily I have a hobby which allows me to take it along with me and is easily pulled out to "indulge" myself. As many of you know, I love to knit and have now been knitting for almost 2 years, thanks to our neighbor, Angela, who shared her obsession with me and allowed it to become mine as well. :)
Another friend of ours, Sheila, has learned to knit and is in the process of knitting a pair of socks for herself. I helped her decide what pattern to use and then we talked about "tweaking" it for a better fit. While in Michigan, I decided since I was giving advice that perhaps I should try out what the advice was, and in doing so, knitted her a pair of socks, hoping that they would be a perfect fit for her. I also knitted a pair of socks for Penny..........I didn't want to leave her out. :)
As I mentioned, I had time to indulge myself in my knitting. I did take along a few projects for myself, thinking I wouldn't be there too long, but found out differently soon after arriving! Luckily, the yarn shop of my childhood is still there (this is their 44th year in business), so i went and bought more yarn for more projects. I knitted a total of 8 projects during my time there, getting ahead on my needs for birthday and Christmas gifts. :) Will I slow down now that I have some done? I highly doubt it. :) Hopefully, I will be able to work in some weaving time now.

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