Monday, June 25, 2007

"Deck Warming Party" Part 1

Andy and Angela had added a deck onto the back of their house this past spring and decided to throw a "Deck Warming" party last Saturday night. It was a success and they had a multitude of people show up to "break in" the new deck. Andy had gotten a keg of beer from the Great Dane Brewery and also made some of his now infamous, "Ocean Drink". Shown below are some of the attendees. :)

Gary (Rob's brother in law) and Anna, our neighbor.
Laura (Rob's sister) with their brother, John.
Charlie, another neighbor........
Tim and Amy, former neighbors, whom we'd like back in the "hood". This was one of their first nights away from their 8 month old twins, who were having a "sleep over" at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They didn't seem nervous at all...... :)
Neighbors, Michael (Anna's husband, who we found out the next day had received a concussion playing "ultimate frisbee" that afternoon and had left the party to go to the emergency room), and Lonnie, Charlie's husband.

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