Monday, June 25, 2007

"Deck Warming Party" Part 2

Due to the "photographer" only taking snap shots early on, I don't have any photos of the larger gathering. I included this one to make sure that a shot of Angela, the hostess, was posted. :) She is talking to Chad, a co-worker of Andy's.Charlie, myself, and Laura. Were we really talking about something serious????
A candid group shot...... again with Laura, Gary, Anna, including Made, another neighbor, Marianna (Franklin's wife), holding their son, David. John behind Sanjaya, Made's son, holding their dog Coal(sp), with Deanna, a friend from "down the hill", petting him, along with her niece (in green), and someone I do not know. :)
Made, Franklin, Rob, and John.
As mentioned earlier, the party was a success and continued far into the night....and next morning, if all we hear is correct. :)

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