Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Scared of chickens....."

We had been having a problem with our 2 oldest chickens picking unmercifully on Buffy, our newest chicken. She, by the way, is the consistent egg layer, while the "old hens" lay an egg occasionally. They were picking at Buffy so much that they had created a crater in her back.......... a true hole! She was living in constant fear, not coming out of the coop much and when she did, not wanting to go back inside when it was time to lock them up in the coop for the night. This was happening a bit before I left for Michigan, and only had gotten worse during that time. It was time to solve the problem and that meant getting rid of the "old biddy's"! I asked Franklin and Marianna if they would like the chickens, as they had taken one from us before who'd been eating eggs, and they were happy to once again, help us out.
As you can see by the look on my face, I was surprised and shocked to find out that Andy, whom I asked to help while I caught the chickens, was scared of them!!! Thankfully, he overcame his fear enough to hold the box in place for me, but Charlie jumped in to hold the first one down while the second one was being put in. :)

Here are Franklin and Marianna, with their son David, watching our progress on "chicken catching". The other onlooker is Rob, doing what he does best........supervising (and making sure he doesn't dehydrate). :)

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