Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Lakeside Fibers Yarn Shop and some knitting....."

Miranda, from Lakeside Fibers, here in Madison, sent these photos to me via email yesterday. When I was in Michigan, Kathy, from the yarn shop in Benton Harbor, asked where I was from, etc. I had mentioned the fact that Lakeside Fibers has all the colors of Cascade 220 yarns and she wistfully said that she would like to see all of the colors at once, as their shop only carried a smaller selection of colors at one time. So....... when I was in the shop yesterday for yarn and help, I told Miranda of my conversation with Kathy, and she volunteered to send me some photos so I could send them on.........

This is a photo showing most of the Cascade 22o yarns, which are along one wall in the back room of the shop, which also holds the Washington Hotel Coffee Shop. Actually, there are a few more yarn bins on the right that are not shown. It is an amazing array of color......
This is located in the front of the store and seen as you walk in. Pretty clever display, eh? :)
This is the back room of Lakeside Fibers, where the coffee shop is located, along with more displays of yarn. One has the choice of sitting on comfortable futons or at tables with chairs to enjoy some time knitting with friends. They also have a deck, accessible only from the shop, which overlooks Monona Bay.
Here are a few more pieces that I did while I was in Michigan. This baby hat was requested by Patrick, my oldest son, to give to some friends of his who live outside of Toledo, Ohio. It was a quick and easy piece to knit.
This coin bag was sitting next to the checkout counter at the yarn shop. It had the pattern on the label and I thought it would be a good "stocking stuffer" for Christmas or another birthday gift for Julie, my son's girlfriend, so I bought the ball of yarn. The shop knew what it was doing by having the impulse item right there. :)
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