Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Tent Set Up......"

Don has set up his new tent in one of our natural clearings.  He began yesterday and did his final check (my photo op) this morning, before he went off to begin more "trail blazing".  :)

Here is what the clearing looked like prior to his tent.   The 2 stumps on the far side of the clearing mark the beginning of a short path to another clearing where he has placed a "Deer Mineral Block".  We don't think the deer have found it yet, but the squirrels and chipmunks sure have........and they're loving it!  :)

Here is the tent before he installed the "rain fly".  The tops of both main room and screen porch are, for the most part, total screen.

And after the rain fly was attached........

I took a photo of the tent in the distance from one of the paths on our walk out to the clearing this morning.  We were perhaps 1/3 of the way from our house to the clearing.

Don had taken one of his folding recliners for its new place in the screened porch of the tent.

And also a new cushy cot for in the main room of the tent.  I "imagine" there might be a few naps out there in his future.  :)

A "small" feature of the tent, is the tiny screened window in the back at floor level, which has its own tiny awning.  :)

I took another photo from a distance on yet another trail that leads back to our house.  The tent is barely visible from the house, and only because we know where to look.

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