Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Oh What Fun They Had........"

Our Granddaughter, Abigail, stayed with us last week while Julie went to an appointment in Traverse City.  It was an early appointment, so Julie and Abigail had left their house quite early and had not eaten, so Grandpa fixed a big breakfast for Abigail and Grandpa Don.  :)

After breakfast, Grandpa Don and Abigail took off to explore the woods, stopping at Grandpa Don's tent out in the furthest clearing from the house.  And just like "Goldilocks", she had to check out Grandpa Don's comfy cot and sleeping bag.

Then she moved on to his folding lounge chair........

After that, they headed back out into the woods, stopping at the next clearing where Grandpa Don had made a 2nd Ceremonial Circle.  Originally, he had designated this clearing for the placement of the "Deer Mineral Block", but after our neighbors had another bear on their deck a few days prior to Abigail's visit, he decided he did not want any possible "food attractions" near the tent.

As you can see, Abigail is not squeamish when it comes to Nature......

Another stop in their exploring was at Grandpa Don's deer stand.  Abigail has climbed up in it before but the day of their exploring, she only climbed up partway before coming back down.

Then off to do more exploring, stopping here, there, and everywhere, seeing what there was to see.  :)

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