Friday, August 8, 2014

"Fermenting Sauerkraut......"

I have not used my new "Farm Curious Fermenting Set" ( until this morning.  "Hopefully", I have done everything correctly and will have our homegrown cabbage fermenting into sauerkraut.

I went out to the garden and cut 2 heads of cabbage this morning.  Bringing them into the kitchen, I sliced each head as thinly as I could, reserving the core to use in the final step.

The sliced cabbage was then salted and kneaded by hand to help release some of the water in the cabbage.

When the cabbage was wilted and the bowl had liquid standing in the bottom, it was then put into a one half gallon Mason jar.  There wasn't enough released liquid to cover the cabbage so I added some brine that I had made so the cabbage was completely covered, then used a couple of large cabbage leaves underneath the cabbage core to keep the cabbage under the brine.

You can see the core and large cabbage leaves in this photo.  The Farm Curious Fermenting Set allows the fermenting gases to escape the jar without causing the brine to overflow the jar.  The airlock also prevents any outside contaminates getting into the fermentation and ruining it.  Now, it will sit on the kitchen counter so I can keep an eye on it to make sure all goes well.

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