Friday, August 29, 2014

"Madison Rob's Visit Continued........"

Saturdays time was spent around the house with Don and Rob exploring the trails and woods, but come late afternoon, we headed to Grand Traverse Commons to attend the annual Music/Microbrew Festival.  We had a wonderful time, but, unfortunately, no photos were taken of the event.

There are also no photos of our Sunday fun either.  Don and Rob did more hiking in the woods and then we drove into town, stopping at a couple of local microbreweries ( and, and had dinner at 7 Monks Taproom (  We topped the evening off with a stop at Moomer's Ice Cream Parlor (  Yes, we had an excellent day!  ;)

Monday the camera came out once again and we have some nice photos of our activities.

Although not really an activity, we have photos of us sitting on the porch watching a downpour early that morning.  We needed the rain and it did not deter us from what we had planned.  Its nice having a covered front porch so that we could sit out and watch the rain come down.  :)

I made sure the boys were well fueled before all of their hiking by making a large breakfast each day of Robs visit.  This was a waffle/blueberry syrup and bacon day.  ;)

We drove over to a hiking trail called Green Point Dunes (, located south of Elberta and Frankfort, where I happily sat in the car and read numerous issues of "Tiny House Magazine" ( while the boys hiked the trail to Lake Michigan.  They came back "dripping wet" due to the topography AND humidity.  I was very happy to have stayed in the car and read.  ;)

Here is Rob with Lake Michigan in the background.

Heading back towards home, we decided to drive through Frankfort and luckily for us, Don remembered reading about Frankfort hosting replica ships of the famous Nina and Pinta!  We arrived with less than an hour before the ships headed to their next destination on Lake Michigan, Muskegon.

Here are the boys in front of the Nina.  Our photos were very dark due to the lateness of the day AND the ships are black.

A photo of the Pinta, which was the larger of the 2 ships.

Rob left on Tuesday morning, taking the northern route via the Upper Peninsula.  We had a wonderful time and look forward to his next visit.

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