Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Kaleva and Crystal Mountain....."

On Tuesday of my visit in MI, both Patrick and Julie had to work, and Abigail was going to daycare, so I decided to drive up to the Traverse City area for the day.

I stopped at the Kaleva Post Office, so that I could take a photo of Julie in her new position as a postal clerk.

Here is the Kaleva Post Office.  When I was about to take this photo, a woman arrived and got out of her car, looking at me suspiciously, almost hostile.  Believe me.....I explained to her very quickly about my daughter in law working here, etc!!!!   ;)

Luckily I arrived at opening time and was able to take this photo quickly as the Post Office seems to be the center of early morning activity!

I'd been in Kaleva before, but basically only driving through it on my way to Traverse City from the kids house.  Little did I know that there is a historical site and museum!  I only found it because I happened to turn onto the street where it is located to go around the block and head north!  I did stop and take a photo of it, not knowing anything about it beyond reading the historical sign's information.  After arriving back home, I Googled the museum and found these sites very informative.  Who knew!?

I took another detour on my way to Traverse City, stopping at the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort....I guess I'm supposed to add "Spa" to the name now.

Unfortunately, the day wasn't as sunny as I'd hoped it to be for taking photos of the Fall color, but you can still see the wide variety, even if it is a bit muted.

Although a gray day, the brilliance of the reds came through loud and clear as seen on the tree in the distance, past the cabins in the foreground.

I was a little luckier when I took this photo from up on the mountain top.  The sun broke through the cloud cover a little more and was a bit brighter.......

Tomorrow, Traverse City and the drive up to Northport, along West Bay on the Leelaunau Peninsula.


Molly Bee said...

I can't believe she's 3 already. Wonderful pictures. What a beautiful little one. Love the shrugs you made!

julie said...

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