Monday, October 22, 2012

"Becky's Birthday Lunch......."

We took our friend Becky, and her daughter, Rosa, out for lunch to celebrate her birthday on Saturday. We drove to Mt. Horeb to go to The Grumpy Troll Brew Pub ( which we have enjoyed each time we have gone there.  It was a UW game day and the place was much so that we actually had to wait about 20 minutes!  We'd never had to wait that long before, but it was a game day........

We'd waited outside and had admired the scarecrow display.  I'd forgotten to mention what a gorgeous day it was, too!  Bright sunshine and warmer temps up in the 60's!  Absolutely wonderful!

As we left, we'd noticed that someone had been quite creative with one of the gourds and the scarecrow!  QUITE creative!  We had a good laugh!

On our walk back to the car, having parked in front of Duluth Trading Co ( (which Becky and Rosa had not been to before, so we went in there prior to eating), we past a bookstore which looked interesting, so backtracked and checked it out.  Don and I were attending a birthday party on Sunday for our little neighbor, Griffin, who had celebrated his 2nd birthday earlier this week, and book was a possibility for his gift.

What a delightful bookshop!  The name of it is The Prairie Bookshop.  Unfortunately it does not have a website, although I did find this photo of it in my Google search.  ;)  The entrance is on the corner and uses the second store front, too.

Don and I found a great book for Griffin and Becky found a book, too.  ;)  I'd sat down and looked at the "Tiny Homes- Simple Shelter" book shown in the photo, which I enjoyed very much.....perhaps Santa will read this post, eh? (

We had a wonderful time with Becky and we always do when we get together.  :)

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Maniphone said...

I just looked through that same book in Boulder!