Friday, October 12, 2012

"Dinner, and Abigail Opens Her Gifts...."

I arrived at the kids house at dinner time so I suggested we go out.  We went to Rico's Roadhouse, outside of Manistee.  I'd post the link to their website "IF" they had one, but seems they don't.  Yes, I was quite surprised by that, too.

We all ordered burgers of some sort, except for Abigail, who had chicken strips, and I was so impressed when the burgers were served, I took photos of each of them.

I don't remember exactly what Julie ordered, but it may have been the Mushroom Burger.  She chose Sweet Potato Fries, too.   :)

Patrick's burger looked delicious, too!  I've no idea what his was called......

Heck.....I can't remember what mine was called either, but it sure was impressive!  And yes, I did use the steak knife to eat it.  There was no way I could have opened my mouth far enough to fit that burger into it!

As we left the restaurant, a rain/snow mix was coming down.  Thankfully, it didn't last very long!

Arriving back at their house, it was time for Abigail to open her birthday gifts.  She'd taken off her gift ribbons and had Julie "model" them.   ;)  Oh!  For the record......Abigail must be a nudist at heart.....she keeps taking off her clothes in the evenings.

Her first gift is a book called "Guess How Much I Miss You?".  It is a recordable book that I read and recorded for her.

Her second gift was a shrug that I knitted for her.  She liked it so much that she wore it to bed that night.....and yes, she kept it on all night long, too.   ;)

Not long after "gift opening", it was time for Abigail to go to bed and Grandpa to go out to the "guesthouse".  Some of you may remember the camper I bought to stay at their house for houseguests to use when visiting.  Here is a little reminder......

The next day, Sunday, Patrick had to work.  Julie, Abigail, and I stayed home most of the day, but did  take a drive over to Dublin, MI, to The Dublin General Store (, which is known for their HUGE selection of "Jerky".  It wouldn't be right to drive all the way to MI for a visit and not bring home some of their famous jerky.   ;)  Oh!  Since my last visit, they've opened up a small fudge shop across the road.  Yep.....I bought some to bring home, too!  Good stuff!   ;)

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