Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Weaving My Color Gamp......"

After a few more days of work, I am once again weaving.  You may remember, I had threaded almost one half of the warp threads in 4 shafts before taking them all out and making the decision to begin again, but this time, using all 8 of my Oxaback Lilla's shafts.

I had a little prep work to do before I could begin the threading.  I had to color code all of the heddles on the back 4 shafts.  Other weavers have their preferred ways of color coding, but I like having a different color for each shaft.

Re-threading the heddles using all 8 shafts.......

Warp threaded through the heddles and reed.  Next step, place the reed in the beater.

Warp is ready to be tied onto the front rod......

Ready, set, begin weaving!

I've woven 4 of the 20 colors so far, with the 5th one started.  Each section of color is 42 picks (each throw of the weft yarn is called a "pick" or "shot").  I chose the weft's color sequence to run from the left to the right, which starts the pure color block in the lower left hand corner and runs diagonally up to the right.

I also tried a weaving tip I read about.......I placed a couple of large beads on the boat shuttle rod, which fills the space and helps keep the weft from wrapping itself around the rod.  I used what I had available but think I will take my boat shuttles to the fabric store with me and see if I can find a large enough bead to fill the space by itself.


Nan said...

Outstanding! So love the colors.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

GREAT idea on the bead on your spindle to hold a too-short bobbin more still. I have one favorite shuttle that is just too long for the Schacht bobbins I use in it. I will get a wooden bead to fit the rod.

Your gamp looks very gampy gorgeous!

Karen and Steve
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Simone Wilson said...

Nice posting about . I remeber I have visited your blog one more time when you have posted something about Camping

Molly Bee said...

Oh my gosh! I have been remiss in my blog readings! This is absolutely beautiful!!!

lakeview6 said...

Wow. Gorgeous.

Dave said...

Colors are great, want to see more. Found your blog as I'm interested to buy An Oxaback loom like you have, thanks for all the posts!