Monday, June 18, 2012

"A Day in the Park......."

We attended the annual "Jazz in the Park" event, held in Wingra Park on Saturday and were joined by several friends and neighbors.

Don, our photo documentary expert, did his job extremely well, "as expected".   ;)  Front and center is Jyothi, with Ben back on the left, and our newest neighbor, Meghan, on the right.

Jyothi's Mom, Terri.......

Friends, Barb and Geoff, neighbor and friend, Rob, and myself......

Looks like Ben is wondering "now where are my 2 girls?" (wife Daria and daughter Tala), with Meghan and her husband, Joe.

Geoff taking a phone call, comfy on Don's recumbent trike....wonder if the tall flag helps Geoff's reception?   ;)

Don made his "social rounds" throughout the park, too, stopping to take this photo of neighbors, Mary and Made', and Bill and Lisa.

Another group shot.....we had a great time, as expected.  Good friends, good food, good beverages.......what more could we have asked for, eh?  I guess the answer would have YOU there as well!   ;)

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dc said...

You guys just seem to have so much fun. So good to see that this is the retirement is ment to be.