Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Tree Removal......"

Next door neighbor, Rob, along with Franklin, who works for him, removed a pear tree from his front yard that had been planted by a previous owner of his house.  It was the tallest fruit tree I have ever seen.  It was surrounded by other tall deciduous trees, so I'm sure it has been reaching for sunlight since it was planted.

Franklin volunteered to be the one who went up the ladder to do the cutting and tying.....

"Boss Man"......

The top section was cut and down before I got back out to take a photo (you can see it lying in the driveway).  Franklin is tying the rope near the middle of the 2nd section that will be next.

Heave Ho!  Rick, Rob's other side neighbor, came out to check on their progress, too.  Unfortunately, my cameras shutter snapped the photo just after the section hit the ground.......

I had been out there when Rob suggested to Franklin that the rope was tied too low on the section he was cutting, but Franklin turned a deaf ear.  Rob turns around to give me a "see what I put up with look".  LOL  As I stood out there waiting to take the next photo, Franklin was up and down the ladder several times.   He'd cut more of the tree, then they'd try to pull it down, no movement (not enough leverage), so back up the ladder and cut more, back down and so on several times until it finally went over.........

And I was able to get it during its "free fall".

I didn't get back in time to take a photo of the last section coming down, but it must have been easier because it happened in a short amount of time.

Rob made progress on digging out the stump while Franklin trimmed branches and cut the tree sections into shorter lengths for the fire pit.

Rob had no idea that the trees inner core was rotten until it came down.

It is now only a memory..........and the subject of a blog post.   ;)


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Step by step it's a real art to take down a big tree! My brother does it and I am amazed each time I watch him.

Karen and Steve
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Molly Bee said...

Oy! That hardly looks dangerous at all! LOL!