Thursday, June 28, 2012

"End of Tour 2- House on the Rock....."

The end of tour 2, which Don "thinks" might have been the end of the tour when he last had been to The House on the Rock (20 some years ago) was pretty spectacular!  The only warning we had prior to walking into another HUGE room was a sign that said 20,000 lights ahead!  This was what greeted our eyes!  As you can see, the carousel itself is HUGE (see Don there in front of it?), so you can imagine how large the entire room is.

I stood and took photos while turning in place to try and get some of the "immenseness" of the room which, of course, is filled with many, many other pieces on exhibit.

The walls were literally covered with more carousel horses.......

Full size mannequins with wing spans of 10' or more hung from the ceiling........

I don't think there were two figures/seats alike on the carousel itself.......

Another photo of the variety of seating on the carousel next to a "glistening" me.   ;)

Of course, throughout all of this "gawking" on our part, the carousel music was playing.......and playing LOUDLY!   Definitely adding more sensory overload!

This is the last photo that was taken "on this level".  We didn't know it at the time, but during Tour 3, we'd be coming back through this room on a ramp that was above the carousel (seen in photo of carousel horses on the wall).

End of Tour 2.  Tomorrow, Tour 3 and last House of the Rock post.

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dc said...

Aren't digital cameras wonderful. What great pictures! Awesome sights!