Sunday, July 12, 2015

"The Honeymooners!"

Good friends, Penny and Sheila, are visiting us from Madison, WI. They are, in fact, spending part of their honeymoon with us, as they were able to get married soon after the Supreme Courts ruling a few weeks ago. They actually got married on the day of their 26th anniversary of being together!

They arrived on Friday and we spent that afternoon/evening basically catching up, but yesterday, we drove into Traverse City for the annual Cherry Festival Parade!

We were lucky enough to be able to sit in the same spot where Don and I have watched the parade the last 2 years.......close to the street and IN THE SHADE!  :)

After the parade (which had 150 entries this year!), we drove out to Light of Day Organic Tea Farm ( We did a little walking around their grounds before going into the shop, and of course, took a "few" photos.  ;)

This morning has been a much more relaxed day for "getting going". We sat out in our screen room with coffee, chatting up a storm (anyone who knows any of us understands how easy it is for that to happen), until I came in and put together a simple breakfast. After breakfast, we all sort of separated and did "our own thing". I did some watering of potted plants outside, Penny went for a long walk through the woods, Don was constructive and assembled my new laptop/iPad table for my Lazy Boy, and Sheila caught "another 40 winks". What happens this afternoon is yet up for grabs.  :)

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