Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"Another Day of Sightseeing....."

On Sunday, after our leisurely spent morning, we finally headed out to show Penny and Sheila some of Leelanau Peninsula, stopping first, at Leland/Fishtown.

After some time spent in Fishtown and checking out the boats at the marina, we then drove to Glen Arbor where we stopped for a delicious cup of coffee at Leelanau Coffee Roasting Company (http://www.coffeeguys.com). Leaving Glen Arbor, we drove to Empire, then backtracked to Pierce Stocking Drive, which is one of the main scenic drives at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park.

This was taken at the first "scenic overlook", which overlooks Glen Lake.

Although Don is usually the photographer, and I am in quite a few photos, I usually avoid adding any with me in them because it is me writing the blog posts, but once in awhile, I do include one or two with me in them, too. ;)

At our next stop, the "scenic overlook platform" faces north, giving a very wide panoramic view towards the west, north, and east.

Our final "scenic overlook platform" hangs out directly over Lake Michigan, giving us a truly breathtaking view of the lakeshore. Although slightly hazy, we could still see for miles and miles...

Here I am, using the stationary binoculars to check out a couple of sailboats.

A kind woman offered to take a photo of all of us together.

A nice photo (in my opinion) of Sheila and me making our way back towards the parking area.

We "think" this may be a new sign this year as neither Don, nor I, remember seeing it last fall when we were there. During our visit, I found it interesting to watch several people coming back up the sand dune, who had gone down to the Lake and were "slowly" making headway coming back up. The key word here is "slowly". Most, if not all of those who went down, looked to be young and fit. Even so, their climb up was done in many, many increments......most of which were only a few yards (sometimes only mere feet!) at a time before they needed to stop and rest. It truly is an arduous  climb. All, I'm sure, slept very well that night. ;)

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Barb said...

Nope! I totally remember that sign from last fall.