Monday, December 3, 2012

"A Bit More Done....."

On Friday, Rob and Franklin started hanging the drywall but didn't get as far as Rob had hoped they would.  He was pulled in too many directions before arriving back at our house.  They did get about 2/3 of it hung, so progress has been made.  That is the most important thing.   ;)

The new countertop, seen on the right, leaning against the old, which had been scheduled to be installed last Tuesday (but one section wasn't the correct size), was re-scheduled to be installed today (after a quick re-order by the company).  I have the counters cleared and the top drawers emptied, so the we're ready for the installers when they arrive.

By the way, we'll be getting a new kitchen sink, too.  It is "fused or under-mounted" to the underside of the countertop so we won't have any extra lip between countertop and sink, but a just smooth transition.   Quite an innovation since the last time I had a "sink shopping" experience.   :)

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