Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Flooring In and Grouted!"

Mike and AJ arrived early yesterday morning to complete the job of laying our new vinyl floor in the kitchen.

Here is AJ beginning to grout between the tiles as Mike is working in the cooking part of the kitchen laying the rest of the tiles.

I'm sure I drove them crazy with my taking so many photos.....

You can see in these last 2 photos how the grout really helps define each tile compared to the newly laid tiles in this one.

Miracle workers and professionals that Mike and AJ are, they moved the refrigerator back into place after grouting its area.  As you can see, this shows where most of the kitchen "stuff" ended up.  Things would be moved around at the beginning and end of each day because of the tight space.

Some photos of the finished floor.  As you can see, we definitely need to replace the old heat register vents, too.  Ugh!

The new countertop and flooring certainly re-enforce the need for refacing the cabinets!

The spool rack I was given worked perfectly to block entrance into the kitchen.  Poor Copper is not a happy girl with only having access to a few rooms.

The plumber comes today around noon to re-attach the ice maker water line and the gas to the stove.  After that, the furniture can be moved back into place and some sort of "normalcy" will be back into our lives.  The next phase of the remodel is the refacing of the cabinets.  Hopefully, Tim, the cabinet man, will have all of the drawer fronts, doors, and panels (for places as shown in the above photo and around the doors and drawers), ready to go on soon.  Of course, when that part is finished, Rob and Franklin begin their work of painting.  All of this "turmoil" will be SO worth it when it is all complete!


Claire said...

Looks great! So much brighter and open!

dc said...

Looking so good. Guess I know what you guys got for Christmas!