Friday, December 14, 2012

"North Dakota Toy Maker at it Again!"

I liked the title of this sounds like a breaking story newspaper headline!   :)  Which, in a way it least for those of us who know and love seeing the things Jonathan creates out of wood.   :)  This time he used Maple and Walnut.

Our former neighbor, Jonathan, has been making future "family heirlooms" again.  This time he made his son Simon a "flatbed truck".

Jonathans attention to detail is something I really admire.

Of course, the walnut slatted sides are removable, too.........

Depending on the load the truck is carrying.   ;)

Simon now has something that will be treasured for the rest of his life and can be passed along to future generations.

Henry and Simon certainly are proud of their new trucks made by their Dad, Jonathan........they have their own "live in" Master Woodworker!   ;)

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