Friday, November 30, 2012

"Back to the Studs......"

As you may have guessed, the condition of the walls behind the paneling were in such sad shape that Rob thought it best to take all of the old plaster and drywall off and hang new drywall.  So after a fairly quick demo and great clean up (remember the photo of all the black garbage bags in the side yard?), the wall was ready for new insulation to be installed Thursday morning.

Here is what it looked like at the end of the day Wednesday.

During the wall demo, Rob found an old wasps nest in-between the drywall and the outside wall.  When I was readying the room for Rob and Franklin, I took off the electrical wall plates.  One was a blank wall plate that I "assumed" covered some old wiring.  When I removed it, I found a hole about the size of a half dollar stuffed with paper instead.  Whomever lived in the house at the time of the wasps must have heard them buzzing in the wall, drilled the hole, and squirted foam insulation into the wall, hoping to fill the area of intrusion.  It must have worked.   :)  My thanks to Rob for this photo.

Before demoing the wall, Franklin wrapped the cooking section of the kitchen in plastic to make sure none of the dust from the drywall/plaster removal would settle in it.  I took this photo Thursday morning before the installation of new insulation.

Franklin did a terrific job enclosing everything, including the new countertop sections, in plastic.

The insulation from the back addition was in fine condition so it did not need replacing.  Here is Franklin putting in the finishing pieces of the new insulation.

I'll post more of the progress my next post.


madcitydon said...

Certainly an attention-grabbing title!

John and Nan said...

Geez, what a job!