Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The kitchen remodel begins......"

Monday began the work in the kitchen.  The first thing we had done was to replace our old dishwasher.

Here is a photo of the old one.

And here is the new one.  As you can see from this photo (front of oven), I definitely need to spend more time with the stainless steel cleaner in hand.....

I will be posting the progress of the kitchen as it moves along.  Unfortunately, I was supposed to have photos of the new countertops, too, but there was a "slight " problem with that installation.  When the pieces were delivered on Monday (scheduled to be installed early Tuesday morning), I noticed that the 3rd and last piece brought in didn't look big enough for the counter it was to replace.  So I immediately made a call and sure enough, the order had not been sent in correctly.  That piece is now on the "fast track" to being redone and we're scheduled for installation next Monday.  Unfortunately that means we have to navigate around the new countertop for a week while we wait.  The 3 pieces lean against the backside of the oven peninsula, but the sink section is longer and sticks out over a foot from the end.

Having to wait for the countertop installation does not mean we are at a stand still.  Our neighbor, Rob, owner of "Spruce Painting" (, will be here today to begin taking off the old, dark paneling that runs along one wall.  It used to run from the front of the house to the back but several years ago we had Rob come in and redo the front room (my fiber room).  He took the paneling down, fixed and prepped the wall (the paneling had been glued to the wall) and painted.

Here is a photo of that process being done.  On the left, you can see a small edge of the dark paneling that continued into the kitchen.

Although we had a small disappointment yesterday by not having the countertop installed, we are still excited about the whole process and that little setback is a small price to pay for all that will, in the end, be beautiful.


Barb said...

ooooh, shiny! I look forward to following your remodeling project from afar.

dc said...

Wow isn't it fun to tear out stuff! Haven't done any remodeling since I did the book store. It was lath and plaster inside. Some of your pictures were pretty cool. Enjoy!

Mark Martin said...

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