Monday, November 19, 2012

"Henry's Monster Truck....."

Jonathan has been at it again.  This time his woodworking talents took a different route and he made Henry a "Monster Truck".   :)

It it a beautiful piece of workmanship from every angle.......

Here is a close up of the tire so you can see the precision cuts of the tire tread.

And just the right size for Henry's Lego figures, too.

I'm sure Henry was MUCH more excited than he looks posing for yet "another photo".  ;)  May he have many years of enjoyment with his Monster Truck, which will be an eventual family heirloom.

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Bobbin Doctor said...

As a life-long woodworker, I am very impressed with the quality of Jonathan's, scale, details, use of different wood and execution!

I had always intended to try making toys like this, but got distracted by a new hobby - fiber arts! But I still have a woodworking project on my bucket list - making a drawloom.